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JSourcEd 3.0
JSourcEd 3 is an open source effort to create a simple but powerful development environment for Java Applets. It's extremely useful for students who are learning Java at school in computer science classes. Students can learn how to use JSourcEd very quickly, giving them more time to learn the language instead of learning to work with a complex development environment.

JSourcEd 3 is absolutely free and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Screenshot showing error highlighting Screenshot showing the compile window

JSourcEd 3.0 Beta 1 RELEASED September 22th 2003
Today the first public beta of JSourcEd 3.0 has been released. New features include syntax highlighting, windows xp look and ofcourse bug fixes. This version is only intented for people who know the risks of using beta software. This product may contain serious bugs in its current state. Head on over to the download section and get the new JSourcEd.