Defence Alliance
I only just got UT when I discovered Defence Alliance. I started as fan, then became a mapper, lead mapper, coder, and finally I became Project Leader/Lead Coder. In Defence Alliance(DA) your goal is to prevent the enemy from destroying your base. The enemies are controlled by the computer. But in version 1.7 you can chose to be the enemy as well. DA is a class bassed mod. Each class has its own abilities. One class can lay mines, build machine guns and add ammo boxes to a level. There are medics, marines and machine gunners etc. Before a match starts you get a few minutes to prepare yourself and then... all hell breaks lose.

Currently I'm working on Deathball(DB). DB is a team based first person sports game. Your team should score by shooting the ball in the oponent's goal, that's really all. It may sound simple, but it requires a lot of skill and technique to master Deathball. Deathball has a living community. Important matches for example are broadcasted using shoutcast. Be sure to give it a try, I'm almost sure you'll like it if you like any ball game.

It's simple and it's open source: JSourcEd 3. A small development environment for small java applets, useful for computer science classes in high school. Visit the JSourcEd site here!

This program is really only useful for dutch students who follow Latin courses at school. It was my first serious windows application. It's being used at our school. I'm planning to release a new version when I have a little more free time. Visit the Certitudo site here!

Webcam Management
See this page for more details.