New Deathball todo list and new tutorial 05-01-2004
I just updated the stuff section and added a new Dutch tutorial about memory management with C++. There's also a new Deathball to-do list available. Head over to the stuff section

JSourcEd 3.0 Bta 1 23-09-2003
I have been awefully busy with school and almost have no time to do anything. Therefore I dediced to just release a version of JSourcEd, it's by no means finished. Head on over to the JSourcEd site.

Site update 11-09-2003
As of yesterday, Defence Alliance has been cancelled. It's really sad to see a project you've worked on for over one and a half year die.

I also like to point out that the Certitudo site is up again. It's completely Dutch, sorry for that. It's a Dutch application meant for Dutch students.

Interview! 29-08-2003
Today I had a small interview with Planet Deathball. You can read it over here

Updates 25-08-2003
The Deathball to-do list has been updated. I've also uploaded a screenshot of the new radar configuration tab. Please note that there will be a preview for the beacon as well. Click here to take a look. Go to the Stuff section for the Deathball to-do list

New stuff 22-08-2003
I've added the Deathball to-do list to the Stuff Section, and my webcam management software to the Projects Section.

A new site again 17-08-2003
Yes I got a new site again. I just came back from vacation and I just had to do something to relax before I'd start programming again. And here it is, a new site :).